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Our company provides services to a large number of businesses and individual customers mainly on the east coast, including leasing, new car sales, and used car sales. We take care of all matters concerning your car. By providing cars that are necessary for business and life in the United States, we strive to be a company that is useful to all of our customers.

Toyota Camry
Honda Civic

Our Services
We specialize in selling all types of cars with great care!

Reasonable Cost:

  • We specialize in selling both new and used cars.
  • We have specialist on staff and take great care to examine each car before its sold to the public.
  • We are a family oriented business and take grade pride in the car's we sell.

Save Time:

  • Purchase a car without ever setting foot in our showroom.
  • We will hand deliver, to you, your new car.
  • Your new car will come registered with new license plates.

In Addition:

  • Staying in the US for a short time on a Visa? We can help you get the most return for your money with our buyback program. Speak with your salesperson about the buyback program.
  • We provide the information for the operation and maintenance of your new or used car.
  • We have experience with first time buyers and can help.

No other dealer or leasing agent in the United States provides services like those of our company.
When you think of leasing, purchasing, exchanging, or selling a car, we would love for you to entrust your business to our company.
Please contact us. We welcome discussing your needs.

Steps to get your new car



Tell us how much your budget is, what kind of car you are looking for, and more.


Match making:

We will bring the car to you or you can visit us to see the actual car.


Test driving:

You can test driver our vehicles to make sure it meets you needs.


Making Decisions:

Don't see it in our stock? Let us know, we have a vehicle location service!


Getting Insurance:

No Insurance? We can help you obtain insurance in the state you will reside.



We will register your new car purchase for you.



We will deliver your new car, too you.



We will provide you the information to keep your new car maintained.


After Care:

We will follow up; help you sell your car when the time comes or help to make arrangements to have your car shipped to your new location.

Job Opening

Position: Sales Manager

The minimum requirements for this position include a bachelor's degree in business law, management, marketing or a related field with 1+ years of working experience in sales or customer supports. The position is responsible for legal analyses, implementation and administration of an extensive range of contracts and related agreements negotiated with our customers.

The duties of Sales Manager include:

  • Draft and analyze new contracts or proposed agreements for consistency and conformity in line with the current corporate law, especially as related to the transactional variances between U.S. and Japanese law;
  • Review and evaluate contracts for implications, obligations, liabilities, advantages, and disadvantages, and suggest possible amendments or revisions for further negotiation or clarification;
  • Study and research specific aspects of legal requirements concerning corporate law between the U.S. and Japan and keep senior management informed on all changes;
  • Monitor and forecast marketing and sales trends for Japanese automotive makers;
  • Gather data about consumers, competitors, and market conditions and analyze sales statistics;
  • Determine discount rates or special pricing plans with senior management;
  • Develop sales plans to acquire new customers through direct sales techniques, cold calling, and business-to-business marketing visits;

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Japan Auto Services

Washington DC office :

2818 Washington Blvd.
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Chicago Office :

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New York office :

174 Fifth Ave Suite 303
New York, NY 10010

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When you contact us, ask for "Joe" or "Kato." We look forward to your call or email.