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  • NEW !
    2017 HONDA Civic EX Excellent Condition! One Owner, Clean car fax
    This stylish 2017 Civic EX is in excellent condition. You will be impressed with its crisp steering and composed ride and fully loaded.  Comfortable seats and good outward visibility.  Clean Carfax. Side Camera! Rear View Camera!
    Miles: 30,301
    VIN: SHHFK7H57HU425840
    Stock No: A186
  • NEW !
    Prius is still the most fuel-efficient hybrid on the market.  You will feel a thrill every time you see the tiny totals from your infrequent fill-ups at the gas station. The interior is roomy and spacious cargo spaces. Clean Carfax.
    Miles: 21,802
    VIN No: JTDZN3EU4FJ026688
    Stock No: A082
  • NEW !
    2013 Mini Cooper! Sunroof, Clean car fax!
    Looking for an enticing mix of fun and amazing mpg? This 2013 Mini Cooper is a perfect city car. Its interior is crisp styling with huge center-mounted speed meter and handsomely sewn seats.  Clean Carfax.
    Miles: 51,330
    VIN No: WMWSU3C50DT547325
    Stock: A185
  • NEW !
    2009 Toyota RAV4 Super Clean!!Clean Carfax!
    Superb power, spacious interior and easy to drive!!  This RAV4 has been well maintained and it is very clean outside and inside. Everything works perfect. Clean Carfax.
    Mile: 88,020
    VIN No: 2T3ZF33V59W007680
    Stock No: A190
  • NEW !
    2009 Lexus RX350 AWD GPS! Backup Camera!! Sunroof!!!
    Lexus RX350 is luxurious crossover SUV with plush ride quality, easy-to- use high tech features, rock-solid reliability history and first-class safety features. This RX350 has been kept very well. Clean Carfax, GPS, Back Camera, Sunroof!

    Miles: 84,817
    VIN No: 2T2HK31U39C131535
    Stock No: A180
  • NEW !
    2012 TOYOTA Camry LE SEDAN Easy to Drive!

    Camry has solid reputation for reliability and quality.
    Outstanding quality, spacious enough to keep a family of 4 happy on a long road trip. 
    One of the top family sedans.
    Miles: 80,602
    VIN No: 4T1BF1FK9CU084219
    Stock No: A177 
  • NEW !
    2013 Toyota Prius Hatchback 4 Door  Clean!!!  

    Superior fuel economy, spacious cargo area and strong safety scores!! Comfortable and   easy to drive.  Very clean and well maintained.  Excellent run and good condition.   Clean Carfax.
    Miles: 75,343
    VIN No: JTDKN3DU4D0338354
    Stock No: A175
  • NEW !
    2012 Honda Civic EX Sunroof! Clean inside and outside!

    This 2012 Civic is extremely low mileages, comfortable, smartly designed, fuel-efficiency and performance.
    This Civic has maintained very well and looks like it is new. The handling is very precise and the cabin is very quiet with high quality materials.  Everything is working perfect without any mechanical issues. 
    Miles: 43,687
    VIN No: 19XFB2F85CE310976
    Stock No: A183
  • NEW !
    2013 Toyota RAV4 LTD! Sunroof and Back Camera!

    Reliable, stylish and practical car to enjoy on and off road drive.
    The AWD RAV4 won’t disappoint drivers to venture onto rougher terrain.
    It is capable of produce enough power to handle off road and any weather conditions.
    Unique and tasteful interior with lots of passenger and cargo space.

    Miles: 41,772
    VIN: 2T3DFREV8DW073160
    Stock No: A184

  • NEW !
    2018 Toyota Rav-4 LE AWD Clean car Fax! Back Camera!

    RAV4 has lots of power and can handle hills and highways with ease.
    Easy to drive, spacious, comfortable ride.
    The passenger and cargo volumes are very generous.
    Good for road trip with your family.
    Clean Carfax
    VIN No: JTMBFREV2JJ741682 
    Stock No: A174
  • NEW !
    2015 Toyota RAV4 LTD AWD Back Camera! Sunroof!

    This low miles Rav-4 is just waiting a new owner to bring home with lots of joy and happiness with years ahead of trouble-free use. Excellent run and good condition
    Superb power and fuel economy.  Very clean and well maintained.   AWD. 

    Stock #: A171
    Mileage: 31,937
    VIN:  2T3DFREV9FW360073
  • NEW !
    2010 Honda CR-V LX 4WD  Very Clean!
    Functional and attractive cabin. Controls are easy to operate, materials quality is good and wide-opening rear doors ease the process of loading many items. Stable handling and good visibility in all directions, even to the rear. Clean Carfax.
    Miles: 72,003
    VIN No:5J6RE4H37AL074010
    Stock No: A179

  • NEW !
    2015 Prius C  Excellent Condition! Back Camera! Clean Car Fax!

    This 2015 Prius C is fantastic fuel-efficiency and ample passenger space. Quiet and comfortable ride. 
    Extremely practical interior with attractive design.    

    Miles: 32,658
    Stock #: A157
    VIN: JTDKDTB39F1090404 
  • NEW !
    2009 Honda Fit Sports Clean Car Fax
    Efficient operation at low engine speeds, extended performance at high engine speeds. Fuel economy and low emission.  Fun to drive.
    Miles                  : 95,663
    VIN                      : JHMGE88489S006702
    Stock No              : A151
  • NEW !
    2011 Subaru Forester 2.5X Premium SUV! AWD Clean car Fax!
    Forester is a top pick in the highly competitive small SUV segment. AWD.
    Roomy cabin with ample cargo space.  It has been well maintained.   Clean Carfax!

    Miles: 42,350
    VIN: JF2SHADC2BH771058 
    Stock No: A156
  • NEW !
    2010 Honda CR-V LX AWD! Very Clean! Clean Car FAX!

    Refined, roomy interior and practical family-friendly compact SUV.
    Functional and attractive cabin. Controls are easy to operate.
    Wide-opening rear doors ease the process of loading many items.
    Well Maintained car. Clean Carfax
    Miles: 91,744
    VIN No: 5J6RE4H38AL011918
    Stock No: A178
  • NEW !
    2016 Toyota Sienna XLE Low Mileage! Back up camera!

    Sienna XLE is a terrific family car!! A lot of cargo space and a variety of seating options. It performs beautifully in both city and highway and has spotless reputation for reliability and solid build.  Low Milaege, Back up camera! and sunroof!

    Miles : 35,869
    VIN : 5TDYK3DC0GS713457
    Stock No : A163
  • NEW !
    2012 Prius Low Miles !One Owner! Clean Car Fax!

    Prius is the most fuel-efficient car on the market.  It has been well maintained.  Fuel-efficient and space-efficient hybrid. Quiet and comfortable ride. Low Mileages !
    Clean Carfax!One Owner

    Miles: 37,842
    VIN No: JTDKN3DU8C5463620
    Stock No: A165
  • NEW !
    2015 Toyota Sienna XLE Backup camera! Moonroof !
    If you want luxury in your family hauler, Toyota Sienna has your number. 
    Packed with safety and convenience features, smooth ride. 
    Removal 2nd-Row Captain`s Chair and Stow 3rd Row Seats.
    An excellent choice for large families.
    It has plenty of room for 8 Passengers and cargo.
    Well maintained.
    Very clean inside and outside! Clean Carfax!
     Miles: 41,794
    VIN No: 5TDYK3DC3FS618258
    Stock No: A138
  • NEW !
    2019 Honda Fit LX 4 Door Hatchback! Rear View Camera! One owner! Low mileages
    Fit is highly maneuverable and an excellent urban runabout. Comfortable for everyday driving.
    The rear seatback can be flipped up for more storage. Well maintained. Clean Carfax.Rear View Camera! One owner! Low mileages

    Miles:  2,141
    Stock #: A159
    VIN: 3HGGK5H47KM727926