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  • NEW !
    [STOCK NO. H0039] 2014 BMW X1 xDrive 28i
    This hard to find 2014 BMWX1 xDrive28i, offers versatility and with the safety reputation of BMW, will make you confident and in control. You’ll love how connected you feel to the road behind the wheel. The BMWX1 is about the same length as a compact sedan so parking and maneuverability will be easy.1 Owner , Clean Carfax.
    Miles: 19284
    VIN No: WBAVL1C53EVY21854
    Stock: H0039
  • NEW !
    Looking for a midsize pickup that can do it all? You should definitely check out the 2017 Toyota Tacoma, a go-anywhere truck that combines an efficient V6 engine with a truck bed loaded with clever cargo management features.

    7573 miles
    VIN: 5TFAX5GN8HX101000
    Stock No: H0090
  • 2014 4Runner has surprisingly comfortable ride and outstanding power for off-road. Its interior is functional and pleasing.
    Miles: 32,651
    VIN No: JTEBU5JR9E5170659
    Stock No. H0001
  • The ride is extremely plush and storage is abundant. Most controls are user friendly. This Sienna has been beautifully maintained. Everything is working perfect with no mechanical issues. Clean Carfax
    Miles: 109,238
    VIN No: 5TDZA23C86S399347
    Stock: H0016
  • [STOCK NO. H0022] 2010 Mazda CX-9 SUV FWD
    CX-9 is a family-friendly crossover.  Sporty performance and stylish cabin. Very clean.    
    Miles: 87,428
    VIN No: JM3TB2MV6A0205386
    Stock No: H0022
  • Very beautiful car!! Strong and fuel efficient engine, user friendly control, luxurious and spacious interior. Clean Carfax!!
    Mile: 82,993
    VIN No: 4T1BK3EK8BU618186
    Stock No: H0033
  • This 2013 RDX is a fun vehicle  for whatever adventure you go. Powerful V6 engine with roomy interior ,high performance and comfortable seating  This car has rear view camera and memory seats. Well maintained. Clean Carfax.
    Miles : 50,881
    VIN : 5J8TB4H52DL014325
    Stock No.H0043
  • the 2006 Land Rover Range Rover offers a satisfying blend of on-road comfort and off-road capability. It has powerfull 4.4 liter 8 cylinder engine. Stable amd comfortable handling. Laxurias and spacious interior. Clean Carfax.
    Miles: 130,242
    VIN: SALME15456A237034
    Stock No:H0044
  • Honda CRV is one of the top choice for SUV with comfortable ride and agile handling. Visibility is good in all the directions, even to the rear. The interior layout is sensible and functional. It has been well maintained.  Very clean. Clean Carfax.
    Miles: 56,276
    VIN No: 5J6RE38309L011806    
    Stock No: H0046
  • If you are looking for a seriously stylish compact luxury SUV, this Range Rover will be the best choice for you.  Its turbocharged 5.0 liter 6cylinder engine is impressively powerful. Handling is composed and steady. The interior is stunning with fine materials and excellent build quality. Clean Carfax.
    Miles: 61961
    VIN: SALMF1D45BA359675
    Stock No:H0050
  • [STOCK NO. H0055] 2008 FJ Cruiser Very Clean!
    This 2008 FJ Cruiser is for people who are realistic about their space and performance needs. The amazing versatility for its ability to handle off-roading conditions. The ride was surprisingly comfortable both on smooth, paved roads and on bumpy, off-road trails Well maintained. Very clean. Clean carfax.
    Miles: 60824
    VIN No: JTEBU11F58K023758
    Stock No: H0055
  • NEW !
    This Sienna is very roomy, comfortable excellent choice for large family.  Soft and quiet ride, spacious and functional interior. Excellent condition. Clean Carfax.
    Miles: 70805
    VIN No: 5TDKK3DC0ES423304
    Stock. : H0057
  • NEW !
    [STOCK NO. H0058] 2012 Nissan Murano S Awesome !
    This 2012 Nissan Murano is comfortable and practical interior, ride quality is pleasing. Smooth ride with excellent steering, precise handling and good brake response.
    Miles: 66282
    VIN No: JN8AZ1MU8CW116520
    Stock No: H0058
  • NEW !
    What a fantastic car !! This Mustang is so much fun to drive. You will love the styling, its classic, very spacious and luxurious interior.  
    Very clean. Clean Carfax. 
    Miles: 40,570
    VIN No: 1ZVBP8AM3E5330534
    Stock No: H0059
  • the Abarth is a special car with a ton of charisma. Not only adorable but also high paformance. A five-speed manual. One owner. Clean Carfax.

    Miles: 14420
    VIN No: 3C3CFFJH4FT663610
    Stock No: H0061
  • NEW !
    The Nissan Murano is an excellent option for those shopping for a used mid-size SUV. The 2-row Murano is pleasant to drive, and its interior is roomy and well appointed. 

    Miles: 46,046
    VIN No: JN8AZ1MU3DW202660
    Stock No: H0062
  • [STOCK NO. H0063] 2016 Fiat 500 Abarth Like New
    2016 Fiat 500 is a great pick for a small coupe.  Dependable, cute, economical and sharp handling.  Only 13.6 K miles.  Very clean like new.  Clean Carfax.
    Miles: 13,660
    VIN No: 3C3CFFFH6GT-177018
    Stock No. H0063
  • NEW !
    Strong performance and smooth ride.  Generous interior room front and rear.  It has been well maintained.  Very clean.  Clean Carfax.
    Miles: 85,870
    VIN No: 1N4AL3AP6DC204143
    Stock No: H0067
  • More room, more power and more conveniences.  Powerful and fuel-efficien, solid for family and work trips. Clean Carfax.
    Miles: 46,489
    VIN No: 5TDYK3EH7DS127215
    Stock.:  H0068
  • Highlander is one of top recommendations to those who need SUV utility with fuel-efficient engine.  This vehicle has been well maintained.  Great condition.  Clean Carfax. 
    Miles: 23,928
    VIN No: 5TDZKRFH0FS069960
    Stock No: H0071