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  • NEW !
    [STOCK NO. H0095] 2017 Toyota Yaris iA
     This 2017 Yaris looks like new!  Good gas mileages and good enough power to tool around in city. Simple and easy to use interior. Nice and precise steering. Clean Carfax. One Owner.
    Stock No. H0095
    Miles: 3296
    VIN No: 3MYDLBYV2HY151624
  • NEW !
    This great 2015 Toyota RAV4 has only had one previous owner, with a great track record and a long life ahead of it. Its versatility and advanced technology  make your every trip as simple and convenient as possible. Very clean. Clean Carfax.

    Stock No. H0094
    Milage: 20682
    VIN: 2T3ZFREV5FW206577
  • NEW !
    2015 Subaru Crosstrek is comfortable hatchback with good fuel economy and good safety.  If you're an looking for small hatchback that can also handle the occasional off-road adventure, the Subaru Crosstrek is the real deal. Clean Carfax.
    Stock No H0090
    Miles: 15251
    VIN No: JF2GPACC2F8258733
  • NEW !
    If you are looking for the great safety score SUV ; Nissan Murano is one of them. High quality, spacious cabin and unique design.  Smooth ride with excellent steering, precise handling and good brake response.and has been well maintained. 
    Miles: 59,431
    VIN No: JN8AZ1MU5CW119049
    Stock No: H0086

  • NEW !
    2008 Mazda Tribute is a very spacious, fuel economy car. Comfortable ride.
    Very clean. Well maintained.

    Miles: 105178
    VIN No: 4F2CZ02Z08KM13034
    Stock No. H0085
  • NEW !
    [STOCK NO. h0084] H0084 2015 Nissan Altima S
    Nissan Altima is one of the most popular sedan for its stylish body, quality interior, supremely comfortable front seats and fuel-efficient.
    It's enjoyable for both the driver and the passengers, blending dynamic handling and an upscale cabin into one well-rounded package. 
    Clean Carfax!

    Stock No: H0084
    Mileage: 46396
    VIN: 1N4AL3AP2FN380890
  • NEW !
    Nice Nissan Pathfinder SL! Great for the summer trips and winter weather! The Pathfinder is equipped with the V6 engine, automatic transmission, shift on the fly.
    Mileage: 54279
    VIN: 5N1AR2MN0EC636303
    Stock No. H0082
  • NEW !
    Roomy, comfortable excellent choice for large family.  The ride quality is plush and handling is competent. There is ample head and legroom in all three rows. Excellent condition and very clean.  One-owner. 7-passenger. 

    Miles: 11,709
    VIN No: 5TDKZ3DC1HS792415
    Stock No: H0078
  • NEW !
    Nice Nissan Pathfinder!  Great for the summer trips and winter weather! The Pathfinder is equipped with the V6 engine.
    Mileage: 87,983
    VIN: 5N1AR1NN7CC618421
    Stock No. H0076
  • NEW !
    Refined and roomy interior, excellent gas mileage. Well maintained. Good condition. 
    Miles: 61,361
    VIN No: 2T1BU4EEXBC621621
    Stock No: H0075
  • NEW !
    [STOCK NO. H0073] 2009 Mercedes Benz ML350
    The 2009 Mercedes-Benz ML350 offers a spacious interior, excellent safety ratings and decent off-road performance. 
    Miles: 90366
    VIN No: 4JGBB86E39A493308
    Stock No: H0073
  • NEW !
    The 2010 Mercedes R-350 has incredible amount of comfortable and safety features.  This tall luxury wagon combines the best features of a luxury sedan, a SUV and a minivan. Very clean inside and outside. Clean Carfax!
    Miles: 93627
    VIN: 4JGCB6FE7AA107485
    Stock No: H0072
  • NEW !
    Highlander is one of top recommendations to those who need SUV utility with fuel-efficient engine.  This vehicle has been well maintained.  Great condition.  Clean Carfax. 
    Miles: 23,928
    VIN No: 5TDZKRFH0FS069960
    Stock No: H0071
  • NEW !
    More room, more power and more conveniences.  Powerful and fuel-efficien, solid for family and work trips. Clean Carfax.
    Miles: 46,489
    VIN No: 5TDYK3EH7DS127215
    Stock.:  H0068
  • NEW !
    Strong performance and smooth ride.  Generous interior room front and rear.  It has been well maintained.  Very clean.  Clean Carfax.
    Miles: 85,870
    VIN No: 1N4AL3AP6DC204143
    Stock No: H0067
  • NEW !
    Forest is a top pick in the highly competitive small SUV segment.  Excellent condition and lower millage. One-Owner.  AWD.  Clean Carfax.
    Miles: 54,510
    VIN No: JF2SJAHC3FH827674
    Stock No: H0066
  • NEW !
    [STOCK NO. H0063] 2016 Fiat 500 Abarth Like New
    2016 Fiat 500 is a great pick for a small coupe.  Dependable, cute, economical and sharp handling.  Only 13.6 K miles.  Very clean like new.  Clean Carfax.
    Miles: 13,660
    VIN No: 3C3CFFFH6GT-177018
    Stock No. H0063
  • NEW !
    The Nissan Murano is an excellent option for those shopping for a used mid-size SUV. The 2-row Murano is pleasant to drive, and its interior is roomy and well appointed. 

    Miles: 46,046
    VIN No: JN8AZ1MU3DW202660
    Stock No: H0062
  • NEW !
    the Abarth is a special car with a ton of charisma. Not only adorable but also high paformance. A five-speed manual. One owner. Clean Carfax.

    Miles: 14420
    VIN No: 3C3CFFJH4FT663610
    Stock No: H0061
  • NEW !
    What a fantastic car !! This Mustang is so much fun to drive. You will love the styling, its classic, very spacious and luxurious interior.  
    Very clean. Clean Carfax. 
    Miles: 40,570
    VIN No: 1ZVBP8AM3E5330534
    Stock No: H0058