Our company

We have provided services to many Japanese customers not only in the states where our stores are located, but also in other states and throughout the United States. We will continue to strive to satisfy all our customers. In addition, I always try to do detailed and polite work. You can rest assured that our specialists will take care of everything about your car.

Greeting from Our Director

My name is Joe Xu (call me “Joe”). After I graduated from a Japanese university, I worked at Mitsui Bussan and, after that, I worked for many years at Toyota and Lexus. I have received the patronage of many Japanese customers based on those experiences and trust. I will continue to work to provide honest and reliable service and look forward to working with you.

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Hisayuki Kato

(General Manager)

I have come to deliver high quality customer service in Japan to the United States. We are preparing every day so that our customers’ car life can proceed smoothly. Taking advantage of the experience we have cultivated over 15 years since our founding, we will continue to devote ourselves to providing prompt and accurate advice.

Yoon Young Jun

(Sales Manager)

We will support a safe car life in the United States! After graduating from a Japanese university in 2004, I have been working at Japan Auto Services since 2015. We will provide services that satisfy our customers by utilizing our knowledge of automobiles and machinery, which is our major at university, and the OMOTENAHSHI experience we have experienced in Japan. Please feel free to visit us and talk about small things!! Favorite car: TOYOTA 4Runner, JEEP Wrangler

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UTAMI JULIA (Account Manager)

UTAMI JULIA (Account Manager)


SAITO MOE  (Sales Advisor)

NOTO MARIKO (Sales Assistant)